Welcome to MEDLab! The purpose of this page is to help you get set up in all our processes.

Collaboration tools

First, you'll need to get plugged into our self-managed collaboration tools. Remind Nathan to send you an invitation to create an account through Cloudron at my.medlab.host Nathan should also add you to the appropriate access groups on Cloudron and NextCloud.

At NextCloud (cloud.medlab.host), you'll find most of what you need.

To enter our chat space, go to the Element button at the top of the NextCloud Web interface, or go to cloud.medlab.host/riotchat. You can also access it via the Element desktop or mobile app, using matrix.medlab.host as the server.

  • When you first create an account, use the same credentials you used for NextCloud.
  • You'll also probably be asked to generate a big, ugly security key. Please do so and keep it in a safe place. This enables encrypted communications. You should then be logged in.
  • Set up your account by clicking on your username in the top-left corner of the Web interface. Choose “All settings,” and add your preferred name and photo and email address.
  • On the sidebar in that menu, choose Notifications and turn on the “Enable email notifications” slider. This is important so that you know when someone at MEDLab is attempting to reach you through the chat.
  • Fill out any other settings you'd like to adjust and close out of the settings dialog.
  • Choose which rooms you want to join by pressing the compass button right under your name in the top-left of the Web interface. Be sure you're in #general, as well as the rooms related to any projects you're part of or interested in.

See more information about our tech stack on the Technology page.

Website profile

We want to show you off! Email Nathan with a photograph of yourself and a bio. For examples, see the About page.

Invoices and payment

Tracking your hours

You can find your timesheet at mycuinfo.com > CU Resources > My Leave.

  1. To record your time, click on the day and enter the hours you worked.
  2. Make sure that for the “Reporting to” field you select Nathan Schneider as the supervisor if he isn't already selected.
  3. For the “Earnings Code” field select “Student Hourly.”
  4. For the “Status” field select “Mark as Worked.”

To submit your hours:

  1. Timesheets are submitted on a bi-weekly basis and must be submitted by the Saturday before the end of the pay period.
  2. To locate your timesheet: click the “Timesheet” tab at the top of the MyLeave webpage.
  3. You will be able to see the total hours you worked during the pay period here.
  4. Scroll to the bottom, check the agreement boxes, and hit the “Submit Timesheet” button.
  5. You should receive an email confirming that you submitted your timesheet, and another email once it is approved by Nathan.