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 +====== Getting paid ======
 +===== Tracking your hours =====
 +You can find your timesheet at mycuinfo.com > CU Resources > My Leave.
 +  - To record your time, click on the day and enter the hours you worked.
 +  - Make sure that for the "Reporting to" field you select Nathan Schneider as the supervisor if he isn't already selected.
 +  - For the "Earnings Code" field select "Student Hourly."
 +  - For the "Status" field select "Mark as Worked."
 +To submit your hours:
 +  - Timesheets are submitted on a bi-weekly basis and must be submitted by the Saturday before the end of the pay period.
 +  - To locate your timesheet: click the "Timesheet" tab at the top of the MyLeave webpage.
 +  - You will be able to see the total hours you worked during the pay period here.
 +  - Scroll to the bottom, check the agreement boxes, and hit the "Submit Timesheet" button.
 +  - You should receive an email confirming that you submitted your timesheet, and another email once it is approved by Nathan.