MEDLab has developed iteratively, testing and rethinking as we go. It's therefore especially important to know where we've been before deciding where we'll go next.


2023.08.08 - Organized MEDLab's first conference, Local Tech Ecologies

2023.03.22 - Published Sacred Stacks: The Art of Cyborg Community book and NFT, after six-month learning journey

2023.01.01 - Changed name from Media Enterprise Design Lab to Media Economies Design Lab

2022.10.24 - Launched Crypto Wake wiki, soon folded it into Zodiac.wiki's Stories section

2022.Fall - Ran Sacred Stacks cohort process

2021.Fall - Held Excavations artist residency

2022.Summer - Received NSF Designing Alternative Software Systems grant

2021.Summer - Published Community Rules pamphlet as a companion to the CommunityRule.info platform

2020.Fall - Ran E2C cohort in partnership with Zebras Unite

2020.08.31 - Exit to Community: A Community Primer published

2019.03.03 - Received campus RIO Seed Grant

2019.01.03 - First commit on the first website

2018.Fall - Katy Fetters becomes the first MEDLab research fellow

2018.08.24 - Held business design workshop with founders of the Colorado Sun